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Our Response to COVID-19

To our current and future franchisees:

In recent years, we’ve faced many national and global crises that have impacted large numbers of people. But history has proven that even during difficult times, as a nation we’re resilient and always strive to move forward. Small business owners play an integral part in that movement.

We’re reaching out to acknowledge that you’re likely dealing with upheavals in your life, family, and your current business or career. We also wanted to make you aware that our process allows every person interested in franchising to make an informed business decision, in spite of unforeseen life and career circumstances.  

Now might still be a good time to begin this process with Woops!, to provide you ample opportunity to digest what you learn and be ready to “go to market” when the world is ready to move forward. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Please stay safe and healthy and know that all of our current and future franchisees are on our minds.