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Is franchising for you?

Thinking of opening up a franchise? See if you have what it takes

It can be empowering to open your own business, and a franchise means you can be your own boss and a leader to others, all with the support of a big business network behind you. It’s a great way to take control of your career while relying on the security of a business model that’s already been proven and replicated. Still, that doesn’t mean that a franchise will automatically be a success. You’ll want to increase your chances of making it work at every corner. Different business leaders have different styles (heck, even different businesses!) but there are some important characteristics all good leaders share. So while you think about this opportunity, you may want to ask yourself:

Are you organized? It’s important to be creative when problem-solving, but an effective franchisee is also someone who is great at following a system to the T to execute a strong roll-out. The most successful franchise owners are those who can follow the system, rather than trying to come in and make broad changes.

Do you get along with people? You’ll be building relationships at every level, every day. From the customers to your employees, and from your fellow franchisees to the bigger brand, it’s important to have a great sense of what others expect from you and what you expect from them. After all, no (wo)man is an island, and you’ll need to rely on your team members to ensure that your business is always running according to plan. It’s important to know your strengths and weakness so you can properly build the support that you need around you. This positivity will absolutely come across to your customers, and you’ll want to bring similar energy as you become part of a bigger brand. People who get involved with their franchise support system and actively communicate are those who do best!

Are you passionate and outgoing? Some days will be more hectic than others and, especially when you’re starting up your franchise, you may face periods of change and adversity. If you’re someone that can keep your eye on the big picture, you’ll know that weathering the rough days will pave the way for pleasant months and years ahead. Keeping up your enthusiasm and staying optimistic with your team and customers can help ensure your success.

Are you financially ready? It takes time for a business to ramp up. In just under two years, Woops! has grown to over 52 locations and is expanding rapidly throughout the US. At Woops!, opening a kiosk or a bakeshop takes a minimum of 90k and 300k in start-up costs, respectively.

Opening a franchise can be a wonderful way to showcase your skill set and natural talents. You can empower yourself to inspire the community around you and foster a great team of talent. If you’re ready to explore what kinds of doors Woops! can open for you, visit to learn more about the exciting opportunities waiting for you.


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