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Marketing & Branding

Woops! is a colorful, unique line of products that shine in any community

A Woops! franchise, whether it’s a kiosk or bakeshop, is a joyful hub of activity for the community it serves. From the bright, colorful macarons at a kiosk to those same delicious treats alongside so many other international pastries, coffees and teas at a bakeshop, Woops! offers every guest the opportunity to have, and share, a wonderful experience.

In addition to the thought that has gone into the Woops! kiosk and bakeshop designs, much effort has been spent on the entire “look and feel” of the Woops! brand. From unique gift boxes (through pre-printed or customized sleeves) to wedding tiers and other eye-catching catering options, Woops! is a brand with a very distinct presence

Savvy franchise owners deploy proven marketing tactics

“From the very beginning, Woops! was a very ‘Instagrammable’ brand,” explains Tal Avivi, Chief Design and Creative Officer & co-founder. “People would rush up to the pop-up events where we introduced our macarons, not just to buy them but to also take photos. That let us know that we had a business that was not only a treat for the taste, but the eye. We have built on that ever since by partnering with creative people and influencers who know that adding a box or plate of macarons to any setting makes it more visually pleasing.”

In addition to a strong web and social media presence, which drive brand recognition and sales to franchise locations, Avivi also works with Woops! franchise owners to help them maximize their presence and sales both within and outside the physical franchise location.

“We have beautiful packaging, and when it is displayed at a kiosk or bakeshop customers realize what a wonderful gifting opportunity they have,” Avivi says. “What might have been a one-time purchase of a few macarons to take home and share with family and friends has become a gift box — or two — for a birthday, anniversary, office going-away party or other event. We make sure that franchise owners are comfortable and skilled in talking about customizable gift options, as well as how to engage with the community through popup events, catering and corporate events.”


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