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The Woops! Story

Experienced team creates a noteworthy cafe franchise

Spreading joy — what better way to start a business? That’s what the group of friends who launched Woops! in 2012 set out to do, and that’s still the driving force behind every operational decision in what’s become a national franchise network of bakeshops and kiosks today.

Woops! was born of a simple idea: Why not make some money by opening a pop-up shop at the bustling Holiday Shops at Bryant Park in New York City — sharing delicious, specialty macarons with shoppers? The response let the founders know they were onto something, and they wasted no time in looking into how they could build a business on the idea that macarons (and eventually other delicious French pastries and baked goods) make wonderful, unique and special gifts as well as a day-brightening treat for oneself.

What’s in a name?

“The name of our company alone is a conversation starter,” says Ben Woodruff, Vice President of Franchise Development. “People will come up to a kiosk or walk into a bakeshop to ask about the name. That creates a conversation, and that’s one of the best things about the brand — people see and hear a playful name that shows right away that this is a fun, unpretentious brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

“Woops! is more than a brand; it represents a lifestyle,” Woodruff adds. “There’s a reason we don’t have ‘macarons’ or any other product in our name. Woops! is not just the products, it’s also the experience. We are invested in bringing the world’s best baked goods and experiences to people who are looking to celebrate life’s moments. A cup of coffee, a quiet conversation, a birthday, an anniversary … Woops! can be a special part of everyday life.”

Kiosk locations take off

Not long after the decision to create a franchise, Woops! boutique kiosks were a highly visible and popular destination in major malls throughout the Northeast. Since then they have spread to locations around the country. Woops! now has relationships with five of the nation’s largest commercial mall operators, who have 80% of the U.S. marketplace among them.

“Malls are ideal locations for kiosks, because these spaces bring in millions of visitors every year — a built-in audience of people who are already in a shopping mindset and ready to treat themselves,” says Gal Danay, COO and co-founder. “That makes it an easy place to launch a business with a high likelihood of being profitable. Even so, the kiosk isn’t just a mall-based destination. It is a showroom through which the franchise owner can develop additional sales around catering, gifting and special events.”

Bakeshop showcases brand evolution

At the same time, the Woops! concept proved so popular that a bakeshop model was created to allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer French macarons alongside a full line of more than 30 freshly baked, artisan pastries from around the world, including Jewish rugelach, French croissants, Belgian waffles and Argentinian alfajor pastries, alongside a growing line of specialty sandwiches, coffees and teas, while also creating an inviting gathering place for their communities. The bright, inviting bakeshop model reflects the sensibilities of the Woops! founders, who are themselves a group of individuals hailing from all parts of the globe.

“We want to give people who visit a bakeshop the sense that they are coming home,” says Tal Avivi, Chief Design and Creative Officer & co-founder. “We wanted these spaces to reflect our own heritages and offer an authentic European experience — but with an American sensibility. We also believe that it’s important that visitors realize right away that everything they are tasting, from the macarons and pastries, is unique to Woops! Our coffee is far less acidic than American blends, for example, and won’t jangle your nerves if you choose — as most of our guests do — to have more than one cup. Before Woops! bakeshops came along, we saw people having to choose between going somewhere for great pastries and getting a wonderful cup of coffee. Woops! puts it all in one place by creating bakeshops and kiosks that are a tribute to many cultures — a truly multicultural, diverse experience that is bright, celebratory, inclusive and welcoming to everyone.”

An innovative brand with a bright future

To facilitate the growth in bakeshops and kiosks, and to keep enhancing the Woops! product line, the company an artisanal bakery in New York City to hand-produce macarons in more than 20 flavors alongside the large and growing list of international pastries, all under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Arbel Snir. This significant investment pays dividends for franchise owners every day, as it allows for fast, efficient shipping of macarons and pastries to franchise owners. That means a more manageable inventory, as well as guaranteed freshness and high quality.

Woops! is capturing a growing share of the $310 billion U.S. baking industry as it rapidly expands across the country. Are you a savvy investor or entrepreneur passionate about bringing international pastries, coffees and sandwiches to your community? Let’s talk.

With a low initial investment, you can open a Woops! kiosk or bakeshop in your community. Bring a little taste of the world to your friends and neighbors with a business that provides the finest European-style pastries and more, as well as provides unique gift-giving opportunities for retail and corporate customers alike.


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