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What are Our Products?

A wonderful, multicultural assortment of the world’s most decadent treats, drinks and sandwiches

When you bring the Woops! macaron and bakeshop franchise to your community, you will be bringing an authentic array of international pastries, coffee and sandwiches with you. Rather than trekking to Paris for French macarons or flying to Israel for savory Jewish rugelach or journeying to Argentina for alfajor pastries, your community can come to your Woops! cookie franchise.

“The world is becoming a far smaller place as a result of more people traveling and the access to social media,” says Tal Avivi, co-founder of Woops! “This has broadened the American palate in a fundamental way, and Woops! provides the opportunity for communities to indulge in the finest pastries, coffee and sandwiches from around the world — including American pastries that we have elevated to be as delicious as the other pastries we offer. A good pastry will never go out of style, nor will good coffee. We keep exploring and researching to bring our customers the finest treats from around the world.”

A sample of the treats at our cookie franchiseWoops! operates an artisanal bakery in New York City that hand-produces classic French macarons in over 20 flavors. These macarons and our other 30 international desserts are ready-to-bake and shipped to our franchisees. Our head pastry chef is a Belgian-born master who employs authentic European recipes he learned during his tenure in some of Europe’s finest establishments, as well as recipes he discovered during many travels around the world.

The Woops! product offering isn’t limited to cookies and sweets. We also feature fresh sandwiches that are simple in concept but huge in flavor — perfect for customers on the go. We have branded coffee and trained baristas who are skilled in creating popular European caffeinated beverages such as macchiatos and cappuccinos.

“We provide our customers with the rare experience of getting artisanal European-styled food for remarkably affordable prices,” Raj says. “Our average ticket is anywhere from $8 to $10, which is incredibly affordable for the quality of our treats. From the franchisee’s perspective, these small tickets add up quickly. The 16 locations we have in New York and Tri-State area are always busy. They also are profitable because all of our products are fast-frozen at our artisanal bakery and quickly shipped – ready to bake — to our retail locations for a very reasonable cost. Our fast-frozen method allows us to retain the high level of flavor that our growing base of customers loves about our products.”

Woops! is an experiential brand

When The Atlantic reported that part of the appeal of the French macaron to Americans is that they are perfect for “Instagram culture,” they weren’t kidding. Anyone who has seen a Woops! macaron pyramid knows that our confections are individual works of art.

We designed our kiosks and in-line bakeshops to spotlight the sheer beauty of our international treats. Our airy in-store experience was designed to showcase the colorful Some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies at our Woops! cookie franchisearray of macarons and mouthwatering display of artisanal international pastries that are front and center in all of our stores. Add in flowers, good lighting and comfortable places to sit, and Woops! has the advantage of being a place people actually want to hang out.

Our custom-designed cookie franchise kiosks not only look beautiful, but they also come packed with practical features such as refrigeration and a self-contained sink so that you can properly serve, store and manage your inventory. Woops! has developed relationships with five of the largest mall companies in America; they are chomping at the bit for Woops! to enter their marketplace.

“Even if people aren’t aware that they like macarons — though after one bite that will change — people come up to our kiosks because of their sheer beauty,” says Ellie Lippel, Woops! Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “Most people have never seen anything like our kiosks, which are designed to make our macarons look like jewelry — decadent, colorful and delicious. If you’re running this business yourself, the return on investment is really great. You can also augment this business by adding a wedding cart, which will allow you to cater events in style and drive profitability in your business.”

Cookie franchise opportunities: We’re rapidly expanding across America

Inside one of our cookie franchises: Woops!After proving our business model with our 16 locations in the Tri-State area, Woops! is seeking passionate entrepreneurs and savvy investors to franchise with us across the United States. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Woops! is poised to capture an outsized share of the of the booming $310 billion American baking industry and rapidly expand across the country.

With investment starting at $79,875 for a macaron mall kiosk franchises and $197,725 for an in-line bakeshop, Woops! offers investors a low initial investment with a high potential return: our in-line bakeshops generated average sales of $32,017 a month in 2017, and our average kiosk generated $309,000 in sales in the same year.


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