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What are Our Products?

A wonderful, multicultural assortment of the world’s most decadent treats, drinks and sandwiches

Woops! has become known for its macarons, which come in dozens of flavors (with the executive chef experimenting with new ones all the time). A kiosk can carry as many as 24 flavors, which rotate throughout the year, while a bakeshop can offer all that as well as Cremebellos, an airy, chocolate and marshmallow confection unique to Woops!, plus a dazzling array of international pastries, sandwiches, and unique, branded coffees and teas.

“Every kiosk is a beautifully designed mini-showroom, and every bakeshop is the kind of beautiful place you can typically only find in Europe,” says Tal Avivi, Chief Design and Creative Officer & co-founder. “Guests don’t feel like they are in a franchise, because every bakeshop has a unique feeling. They are neighborhood centers, community gathering places where people can enjoy the moment and get inspired.”

A wonderful, multicultural assortment of the world’s most delightful treats

That’s why a Woops! kiosk or bakeshop is such a wonderful addition to any community, as well as a sound business investment. An authentic array of international pastries just down the street? That’s certainly more convenient than jetting to Paris for authentic French macarons or visiting Israel to enjoy savory Jewish rugelach.

“The world is a smaller place thanks to everything from social media to innovative restaurateurs bringing new cuisines to their communities,” says Gil Kiryati, CEO & Co-Founder.. “Americans are much more educated about food and beverages, and they are eager not just for the new, but for the authentic. Woops! provides the opportunity to indulge in unique and delicious pastries, coffees and teas, and sandwiches from around the world.”

To keep the fresh, delicious products coming, Woops! operates an artisanal bakery in New York City that hand-produces classic French macarons in more than 20 flavors alongside 30 international desserts every day. All products are shipped flash-frozen to maintain freshness, with pastries ready-to-bake for easy preparation. Coffees and teas are also ready for daily shipment as needed by franchise owners.


Unique and authentic treats at affordable prices

Although a Woops! franchise offers products unlike anything else in the market, they don’t come at a high cost. Average tickets range from $8 to $10, meaning that a Woops! visit can be an everyday treat vs. an occasional indulgence. That means a steady stream of visitors throughout the day and evening, as well as strong word of mouth from loyal customers.

With a low initial investment, you can open a Woops! kiosk or bakeshop in your community. Bring a little taste of the world to your friends and neighbors with a business that provides the finest European-style pastries and more, as well as provides unique gift-giving opportunities for retail and corporate customers alike.


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