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What is Woops!?

Chic in-line bakeshop and café franchises, and boutique macaron kiosk franchises

Woops! is a contemporary, creative and growing gifting and events company focused on providing consumers with unique and authentic French macarons at beautiful standalone kiosk locations, as well as other high-end international pastries and beverages through its urban bakeshops.

Woops! is growing because it offers what people want. The world has become smaller, and food items that used to be hard to find have become commonplace thanks to heightened cultural awareness and the American public’s growing willingness to try new things. The National Restaurant Association reports that 66% of consumers eat a wider variety of ethnic cuisines than they did 5 years ago, for example. Woops! neatly captures that audience, especially millennials who want an authentic experience that also is joyful and celebratory, and one they can share on social media with friends, family and colleagues.

Woops! succeeds on both fronts. Its macarons and other pastries are baked in the United States from all-natural, high-quality ingredients. And while others may offer macarons, the authenticity, quality and vibrant flavors and colors of Woops! products mean they stand out in any market, as does the experience of buying, and sharing, them.

“When we created Woops!, we wanted to give people a way to celebrate life’s moments,” says Raj Bhatt, CFO and co-founder. “You might be celebrating something you accomplished and stop at a kiosk to purchase some macarons. You might want to extend that to the whole office, so you visit a bakeshop to pick up macarons or croissants. Or you may be looking for a unique, special gift and so have a special box made up. Woops! helps people create a ‘wow’ moment to mark milestones, whether little or big.”

And no baking experience is required. Woops! operates an artisanal bakery in New York City that bakes fresh macarons and other pastries every day, that are then being frozen and shipped to franchise locations around the United States either ready to eat or ready to bake.

Bring a Woops! franchise to your community

With a low initial investment, you can open a Woops! kiosk or bakeshop in your community. Bring a little taste of the world to your friends and neighbors with a business that provides the finest European-style pastries and more, as well as provides unique gift-giving opportunities for retail and corporate customers alike.


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