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Who are Our Customers?

Woops! is the rare kiosk franchise opportunity that appeals to every demographic

More and more people are choosing to spend money on desserts, so Woops!’s authentic and diverse array of international treats is a tremendous advantage in a booming and highly competitive industry.

According to global industry research firm IBISWorld, sales for the global baking industry were $528 billion between 2013 and 2018, with an annual growth rate of 3%. In America, the numbers of people who are dining out for desserts is on the rise. According to the Small Business Development Centers’ 2017 report on the American Bakery Business, the combined revenue of commercial bakeries was $30 billion, a number which the SBDC expects will rise to close to $40 billion over the next five years.

In an industry this hot, you would expect Woops! to face significant competition from other kiosk franchise opportunities, and we do. However, of the 2,800 bakeries that the SBDC reports are in business across the United States, Woops! stands out not only for the quality and variety of our international treats but also for the exceptional in-store experience of our in-line bakeshops and the luxurious aesthetics of our macaron kiosks.

Becoming a Woops! kiosk franchise owner means that your community can get authentic international pastries and European-style coffee without traveling to Paris’ Rue Royale. The success of the Woops! franchise model is strong in New York and Tri-State area, where we have 16 locations in operation and a rapidly expanding customer base.

We appeal to Millennials

The Atlantic reports that part of the appeal of macarons is that their bright colors and delicate textures are perfect for “Instagram culture.” Of the 300 million people currently using Instagram, the majority are Millennials. This social-media-savvy demographic is far more concerned with authentic cuisine than any generation preceding them. Several publications have referred to Millennials as “The Foodie Generation,” which furthers what Forbes recently reported: Millennials are not only dining out more than their elders, but they are seeking a dining experience that will broaden their horizons.

“When Millennials dine out, for example, they’re often in search of something exotic, adventuresome, memorable or new to explore during their dining experience,” Forbes reports. “This has helped transform cuisine searches (‘tastespotting’) into an adventure — and food truck-following (a concept sure to evoke fears of stomachache in some of their elders) into its own culture.”

While other brands struggle to capture the very important and very large Millennial demographic, the Woops! array of authentic international pastries naturally appeals to a demographic that is concerned with not only the quality of the goods they are consuming, but the experience they have while they are consuming our products.

“When you go into a Woops! bakeshop, you will see a lot of young people enjoying themselves,” says Ellie Lippel, the first Woops! franchisee and owner of a Woops! BakeShop in Tucson, Arizona. “I fell in love with the idea of bringing Woops! to Tucson because this is a city with a lot of young people — so I have a built-in customer base. Young people and international pastries go so well together. It is great for a business owner because they are so active on social media, they are more likely to recommend Woops! on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter than any other demographic.”

Café franchise for sale: An experience you can’t get anywhere else

Everything about the Woops! in-store experience has been designed to provide the authentic artisan experience consumers are craving. The classic-contemporary aesthetic of our white-brick walls and ceramic tiled floors enhances the colorful arrays of macarons and the perfectly arranged displays of artisanal international pastries — which are front and center in our stores. Add in flowers, good lighting and comfortable places to sit, and Woops! has the advantage of being a place people actually want to hang out.

Owning a Woops! kiosk franchise is a fun and exciting business

Our custom-designed macaron kiosks not only look beautiful, but they also come packed with practical features such as refrigeration and a self-contained sink so you can properly serve, store and manage your inventory. Woops! has developed relationships with five of the largest mall companies in America; they are chomping at the bit for Woops! to enter their marketplace.

“Even if people aren’t aware that they like macarons — though after one bite that will change — people come up to our kiosks because of their sheer beauty,” Ellie says. “Most people have never seen anything like our kiosks, which are designed to make our macarons look like jewelry — decadent, colorful and delicious. If you’re running this business yourself, the return on investment is really great. You can also augment this business by adding a wedding cart, which will allow you to cater events in style and drive profitability in your business.”


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