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Why Catering is a Big Business

How Woops! cookie franchises are capitalizing on the American catering boom

The wedding cake is on the wane: nearly every major lifestyle magazine and blog from Martha Stewart Weddings to Glamour to Brides has published “An Alternative to Wedding Cake” article in recent years, all of which aim to inspire brides and husbands-to-be to seek out a more adventurous treat to celebrate their nuptials. The theme is a viral trend on Pinterest, which has devoted an entire page to collecting images of beautiful and delicious desserts beyond the traditional wedding cake.

Our cookie franchise stand at an outdoor event

French macarons are high on the list of wedding cake alternatives: The macaron is hot. The classic French dessert, popular for centuries, has become the “in” dessert to serve at parties, weddings and office gatherings and to gift for birthdays and other events. The Atlantic dubbed it “the cupcake killer” for good reason — at approximately 100 calories, the gluten-free dessert is visually attractive and healthier than most other desserts. Anyone who has seen a Woops! wedding macaron pyramid knows that “wedding cake killer” should be added to its growing list of nicknames. Beautiful and delicate, the delicious work of art is also much more affordable than the average wedding cake. Woops! macaron pyramids start at $500, which draws a tremendous profit for our baking franchises and is a great way to spread the word about their businesses to an entire gathering of people.

Catering income potential for our cookie franchises

While French macarons are hot, the catering industry is likewise booming. IBIS World reports: “The caterers’ industry has cooked up a new recipe for growth in recent years. Industry revenue has increased as consumers and businesses have hiked up spending on industry services. In the coming years, the industry is forecast to experience continued improvement as both consumer spending and corporate profit reach all-time highs.” The research firm reports that the catering industry grossed $9 billion in revenue in 2014.

“Catering is an essential element to growing your business,” says Raj Bhatt, co-owner of the Woops! franchise. “A good Woops! franchise owner will connect with their customers and further their sales by catering corporate events, weddings, parties and more. Catering is the ideal way to increase the profitability of your business, as it is a terrific opportunity to connect with more people in your community.”

How do I add catering to my Woops! cookie franchises?

Woops! catering orders brings in a big revenue for our cookie franchisesWoops! has custom-designed a beautiful wedding cart to help our franchisees cater events in style. Much like our macaron kiosk, our wedding cart has been designed to make Woops! macarons look like jewelry.

“The macaron carts are an affordable investment that offers our franchisees a way to really add to their bottom line,” Raj says. “A typical wedding event will bring in $1,000, while a particularly large wedding, such as an Indian wedding, will bring in $4,000.”

The spoils of the Woops! baking franchise!In addition to the wedding cart, Woops! franchisees can take their catering to the next level by investing in the equipment to make customized macarons to suit the mood and theme of any event. Investing in branding equipment presents an endless amount of opportunities for Woops! franchisees to connect with their communities. For example, corporate businesses such as realtors offer our branded macarons to new homebuyers.

Woops! macaron kiosk and baking franchise is a best-bet investment

With investment starting at $79,875 for a macaron mall kiosk franchises and $197,725 for an in-line bakeshop, Woops! offers investors a low initial investment with a high potential return: our in-line bakeshops generated average sales of $32,017 a month in 2017, and our average kiosk generated $309,000 in sales in the same year.  Woops! franchisees can invest with confidence.


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