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Woops!, a Modern Franchise on the Rise

How innovation and creativity keep Woops! ahead of the curve

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you’re looking to start a business. As the head of your own company, you have to keep up with customer expectations, manage employees, keep them engaged in an efficient workflow—and that’s just a few of the many challenges. Choosing a franchise as opposed to starting your own company from scratch can free up some of your time by coming with the benefit of an already-existing blueprint for how a successful business operates. At Woops!, we know that the ever-evolving market is the moving target and that staying on top of trends is the ultimate key to success. You need to be on the cutting edge of many fields with the ability to bring them all together in real-time.

By balancing traditional retail offerings with innovative approaches to make sure our customers have the best experiences possible, we meet this challenge head-on. We consider our franchisees’ successes to be ours, and vice versa. As we continue to grow, we’re proving time and time again that it’s possible to franchise a truly creative and innovative business. Here are just a few reasons why:

Online and e-commerce

We’re always looking toward the future, and we invest heavily in a customized state of the art e-commerce platform—which is becoming a major sales channel in many industries. Our website, with its sleek design, latest functionality, and carefully-crafted content (including constant updates to new local pages), provides customers with a great experience placing orders, which keeps them coming back.

Our website is also designed to push business to franchise locations in order to increase in-store sales and is a major source for leads for bigger corporate and event orders through our user-friendly CRM platform dedicated to our franchisees. This platform allows us to build custom-made location codes and promotions, so wherever people order from, the franchise owner in the area benefits when the code is used. In this way, our online commerce supports in-store business in a useful synergy. This symbiotic relationship distinguishes us from our competitors, particularly in the macaron and pastry spaces.

Business-to-business opportunities

Our business-to-business services are a major channel for sales, and we’re working to increase these types of orders to represent 50% or more of all our business. We invest heavily in non-retail programs and technology, which has made us a leader in the world of gifting and special services. These high-level investments benefit our franchisees enormously, as they become the ideal option when local companies have a gifting need or are executing large events.

To date, we’ve partnered with banks, hotels, law firms, PR and marketing firms, hospitals, and real estate companies all across the country with successful results. Simply put, our focus on gifting, customization, and catering moves a lot of Woops!’ products very quickly.  

Emphasis on visuals

Investing in visuals and keeping an eye to aesthetics has always been a part of our DNA, right from the beginning, when many companies in our industry were still behind the curve in terms of the value of photogenic spaces, packaging, and products. This keen attention to visuals has definitely contributed to our popularity with millennials, evidenced by the ease with which we’ve been able to recruit social media influencers to drum up organic excitement for our brand.

It’s easy to play up our aesthetic appeal when our bakeshops and product offerings are so beautiful and Insta-worthy. These qualities create a powerful presence in the social media landscape, where even top chefs now invest considerable time and money into making sure their food and locations photograph well for Instagram. We understand how to leverage the free marketing domino effect that our gorgeous spaces and products generate, and make sure our franchisees feel empowered to take advantage of the same.

Ultimately, the hardest part about opening a franchise may be deciding which one to choose. It’s important to pick a company that keeps forging ahead—one that, like Woops!, invests in traditional business models that work, while boldly and creatively adapting to meet the needs of an evolving market.


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