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Woops! The hottest franchise business in America

Why Woops! has the other franchises beat

Franchises exist in almost any industry you can think of, so how do you decide which one is best for you when the options seem limitless? While our name could mislead you, Woops!’ many accomplishments and advantages are no accident. Our management has vast experience in the franchise and small business space. Woops! was recently named of Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top New Franchises” and is currently projected to reach 100 units sold within two years, which is an unusually high number. As if that wasn’t enough, here are some of the other reasons why our franchise business is one of the most attractive out there.

We’re selling like crazy. We offer some of the highest quality products in the industry, and it shows—our French macarons sold out on QVC within five minutes! In addition to being delicious, everything we offer is elegantly designed, beautifully packaged, and carefully displayed. Gifting and catering are both fast-growing, high-margin industries and Woops! products delight in both of these spaces. Macarons are great as special gifts among friends and loved ones at personal events, as well as for catering corporate and fundraising events. Our products sell as confections and, along with our gorgeous spaces, contribute to experiences that conjure up lasting positive feelings.

We keep it simple. We have a simplified business model with limited food prep for an easy-to-learn system, so you can get up and running quickly. This way you can maximize your time, effort, and, of course, profits. You can have your macaron and eat it too!

We stand out in every way. Along with our products, our Woops! packaging and locations are curated to shine brightly both in person and on social channels like Instagram. Our over 20 flavors of colorful macarons are quintessentially shareable and experiences at our locations are perfect for a beautiful post. While competitors focus most of their attention on their product, we hear a lot of love for the fact that we’re a hip, visually-driven brand in a more total sense. Everything we do, from how we treat our products to the packaging and the spaces, leaves a lasting impression. Our franchisees can easily leverage this young, relevant visual aesthetic to generate attention for their own bakeshop or kiosk.

As a Woops! franchisee, you’ll be joining a diverse and success-driven group of people who share an eagerness to celebrate different cultures, flavors, and colors, and also a passion for aesthetics, quality, and service. If you’re ready to explore your many opportunities at Woops!, visit to learn more.


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