"I think the great thing about WOOPS! is the potential you have for high ROI. The investment is modest, and it’s possible to quickly generate revenue that is multiples of your investment. There are also opportunities to add additional revenue streams. Sales at the kiosk are strong and growing, online sales are growing, and corporate gifting is another big opportunity. There are a lot of good things on the horizon. One of the best things is that your sales can extend well beyond the boundaries of your location. You may have a 10-square-foot kiosk, but if you are willing to step away from the counter and build a team to grow your business, that 10-foot kiosk can be a base for generating sales throughout your entire community."

Bruno AlveS

Franchisee in Boston
"One of the big reasons I joined WOOPS! was because of the leadership team. What I really love is their availability and their openness. Whenever I have a question, they are easy to be in touch with, and they are very approachable. They are also very open to feedback and to new ideas. They listen, and they are willing to test new ideas."

Alexandra Villegas

Franchisee in New Jersey

"David Simon was in the mall in Knoxville a couple of months ago. He’s the CEO of Simon Properties (one of the biggest mall and retail center owners in the world), and he came to our kiosk, got some macarons, and was very complimentary of our kiosk — how gorgeous it was, how good the macarons were, how organized and clean and beautiful it was. He obviously sees a lot of retail concepts, so it was impressive to know that — even to him — WOOPS! stood out."

Tommy Maddux

Franchisee in Knoxville, Tennessee


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