Real estate criteria

Kiosks are a quick, simple, and affordable way to establish the WOOPS! brand in your area and start building word-of-mouth. Here is a look at the real estate criteria for your business.

woops franchise kiosk


Kiosk Real Estate Criteria

Metro Population with Growth200,000+ with 1%+ annual growth. Population should be steady throughout the year and not rely on surge population (tourists, students) only.
High Density or Traffic CenterSame as the kiosk or a high density area with substantial walk-by, “shopping” traffic. The key is to be able to have people see your location as they walk/drive by.
Businesses in Area3,000+ businesses in a 10-mile radius.

Tip: Go to and see how many businesses, namely professional services firms, are in the area. Realtors, mortgage brokers, title companies, CPAs, attorneys, marketing firms, etc.
Strong CommunityA strong sense of community where promotions and marketing to the community can create a strong sense of a customer base. Schools, children’s sporting clubs, etc. should be evaluated.
Competitor PresenceOther strong gifting brands such as Edible, Nothing Bundt Cake, Honey Baked Ham. Not standard retail competitors selling individual, small-ticket items. Such gifting brands should have thriving business in the area.
Available Real EstateShopping district, mall, hotel clusters, anywhere where under 500 sq ft can be attained cost effectively with high foot traffic.
EventsLocal events and festivals present to be able to build up event business.