Boca Raton Business Owners Build Portfolio With Woops! Franchise


Simple business model and luxe brand appeal attracted Boca Raton business owners to make Woops! their first foray into food

When it came time for Alexandra Platonova and her husband, Tung, to invest in a business for the upscale Town Center at Boca Raton mall, they knew that Woops! artisanal macarons would be a shining star in the local market and a streamlined concept to launch.

The couple owns a salon specializing in nail care, and they began looking into additional business ventures that would do well in the affluent Palm Beach County, Florida, area. After doing considerable research, the streamlined and potentially highly profitable Woops! kiosk stood out to them as the perfect choice for a secondary business in an upscale retail district with stores such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton.

“Everything is systemized with Woops!, and there is a very simple order to things. We just thought it would be a great opportunity for us to do something different,” Alexandra says. “Macarons are a big trend these days, and we wanted to catch that wave as it provides an opportunity to grow into a big industry. Plus macarons are a great addition to desserts and gifts for shoppers. ”

Woops! product is comparable to the finest macarons in Europe

Alexandra enjoys being the gatekeeper of authentic French macarons in the Boca Raton market. Her customers often compare Woops! macarons to European macarons. “People in the local market are familiar with macarons because of their lifestyle. They may have traveled to France before and tried macarons or lived there or had a friend or loved one travel there and bring back macarons,” Alexandra says. “Having customers tell us our product is better than what they have tried in Europe is amazing. You don’t need to go to France to get authentic fresh macarons when you have Woops! The product really sells itself.”

Macarons are not a confection that is simple to whip up at home, so Alexandra appreciates that Woops! has put considerable time and effort into every step of the macaron-making process. Woops! leadership has also made the business a very simple concept for owners to operate. There is no baking, quality control and product consistency is top-notch and the product itself is presented in an aesthetically appealing kiosk that showcases our macarons like jewels in a jewel case.

“The kiosk design looks great,” Alexandra says. “It’s very clean line. It’s white. It’s streamlined. It really makes the product pop.”

Catering and special-event sales provide additional revenue stream

Alexandra has been operating her Woops! kiosk for less than six months and already sees the great potential for increased revenue through catering and special-event sales. Woops! also offers customization through logo and monogram imprinting directly on our delicious macarons. The Boca market is always looking for the next trend to showcase at a party, and macarons’ European flair makes them a popular choice.

“We have a pyramid displayed on our kiosk every day, and that really draws a lot of attention.

Most customers buy macarons as an alternative to a birthday cake. So instead of having one flavor, like a chocolate or vanilla cake, you can have a five-flavor macaron pyramid. Or you can have 20 flavors of macarons if you want,” she says. “I’ve been getting great feedback from  customers, and the ‘wow’ factor about macarons is the way they look — especially the pyramid.  It’s a show-stopper and a conversation piece. People will talk about that macaron after the party.”

Ready to bring the artisanal goodness of Woops! macarons to your city?

Since our founding in 2012, Woops! has grown to more than 22 locations across the country and is uniquely poised to grow in the $310 billion domestic baking industry. Woops! is rapidly expanding far beyond our proven success in the highly competitive New York City and Tri-State areas.

Woops! is seeking savvy entrepreneurs and investors who are excited by the idea of bringing European-style treats and coffee to American consumers. While we don’t require baking experience, we do actively seek people with managerial experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. We want people who will follow the Woops! proven business model, who want to grow a team, who love people and want to support their communities while creating a great life for themselves and their families.

For in-depth details about the Woops! franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting the Woops! franchise research pages.

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