Woops! Bakeshop Franchise in Tucson Makes News


Local newspaper praises new bakeshop franchise for its ability to create a welcoming, beautiful experience with delicious treats from all over the world

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-12-40-34-pmThe students of the University of Arizona in Tucson have fallen in love with the new Woops! bakeshop franchise that opened in early September. It’s easy to see why: Woops! bakeshops are cozy, welcoming environments that feature an enormous array of colorful and affordable treats, as well as perfectly blended coffee that fuel students’ studying habits and foster their conversations when they come to socialize.

The Daily Wildcat, the local newspaper serving the University’s student population, published an  article titled,“Review: University Boulevard’s new bakery Woops! is as sweet as it sounds.” Journalist Gretchyn Taylor praises the sister team of Ellie and Naomi Lippel and their ability to open a bakeshop that provides an experience the students cannot get anywhere else.

“Naomi and Ellie Lippel, co-owners of the new Woops! Bakeshop on University Boulevard, are sisters who have always wanted to open their own cafe,” Gretchyn writes in the article. “The duo capitalized on that dream and opened the first Arizona franchise of the southwestern-meets-European dream bakery just a couple weeks ago. Bright colors, smiling faces and fresh flowers glisten on white, European patio tables that dot the eatery’s cozy inside….The bakery’s aesthetic was complemented (somewhat surprisingly) by ‘60s soft-rock music, creating an smile-evoking atmosphere where students could work on some light schoolwork.”

We encourage you to read the entire article by clicking here.

wooops17The Woops! Bakeshop has been designed to provide the authentic artisan experience consumers are craving.
The classic-contemporary aesthetic of our white-brick walls and ceramic tiled floors enhances the colorful arrays of macarons and the perfectly arranged displays of artisanal international pastries — which are front and center in our stores. Add in flowers, good lighting and comfortable places to sit, and Woops! franchises have the advantage of being places people actually want to hang out.

“We wanted to create a relaxing space for students to hang out, study, go on dates,” Naomi says in the article.

Every step of the sisters’ journey as Woops! franchise owners has been beautifully captured in a wonderful and entertaining blog titled, “Writing a New Chapter: Keep up with the adventures of Lippel sisters Naomi and Ellie as they build their Woops! cafe and their new life.” For an entrepreneur thinking about opening a Woops! Bakeshop, the blog is very insightful. It details the sisters’ decision to franchise with Woops!, their training in New York City, the build-out and construction and their successful opening day in business.

“Thanks to our family and our many friends and colleagues for your support in making this happen, and for believing in our dream with us,” Naomi writes. “Now the ‘real work’ begins….A thousand thanks to our Woops! team in New York, who have patiently walked us through every step of the way, giving advice and answering our plethora of questions day and night.”

Woops! is a proven business with high potential returns. Since our founding in 2012, Woops! has grown to more than 22 locations across the country and has become uniquely poised to grow in the $310 billion domestic baking industry. Woops! is rapidly expanding far beyond our proven success in the highly competitive New York City and Tri-State areas, including the recent signing of a bakeshop franchise in Austin, Texas.


“I fell in love with the idea of bringing Woops! to Tucson,” Ellie says. “We’re in the university area, which is vibrant and thriving and full of young people. These people, especially, really desire international food, and with Woops! I can meet them where they are. You can host your customers in this wonderful, intimate setting and know that you are serving them the highest-quality international pastries and sandwiches at a very affordable price.”

The success of our in-line bakeshop model is evident in the numbers: it produces average monthly sales in excess of $62,000. In addition to the revenues derived from our bakeshop model, franchise owners can tap into additional revenue streams from event sales — a $9 billion market for catering for everything from business meetings to weddings.

Woops! expansion efforts are only beginning

In addition to the new bakeshop franchise in Tucson, Woops! opened locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, with Atlanta, Georgia, to follow in October.  The premier macaron franchise has plans to expand into Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma and Colorado, as well as increase the brand’s footprint in New Jersey and New York City before the end of the year.

“What is very validating for us as a franchisor is that our franchisees are already signing on to open more stores with us,” Gal Danay, co-founder of Woops! says. “They have experienced how easy our business models are to scale and how successful a Woops! franchise location can be.”

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