Woops! Customizable Sleeves Create Multiple Upselling Opportunities


Tailored packaging is a proven way for a franchise location to land additional business, including corporate events and large-scale consumer parties

Gift-giving is a uniquely personal experience, so consumers want to put their own stamp on the item. Woops! macaron franchise owners can capitalize on that need for personalization in many ways, including customizable box sleeves.

Used separately or in tandem with other Woops! packaging options, including box sleeves that can be customized for consumers or corporate clients to feature company logos or other information, the sleeves allow Woops! franchise owners to reach beyond their kiosk or bake shop and capture a much larger market share, says Tal Avivi, co-founder.

Sleeves generate more and larger orders

“Woops! is already a destination of choice for gift-givers, and the ability to customize enhances that traffic,” Avivi says. “When a customer is interested in giving boxes to a wedding party, for example, the ability to customize a sleeve might increase that order to provide something for every guest. For companies, being able to customize their own specific sleeve allows them to create a marketing tool for their brand, a very attractive option that combines brand promotion and gifting”

That creates additional revenue for the franchise owner and also generates publicity for the Woops! macaron brand — which leads to additional business.

“It’s a huge advantage, being able to tap into the gift-giving space — and to be able to do so at levels ranging from small events to large corporate affairs,” she adds. “This is a revenue-generating avenue that builds upon itself and brings business to the franchise owner, as well as placing him or her out in the larger community through these attractive sleeves around the product.”

Packaging options a growth driver

For Woops! franchise owners, the sleeves are a cost-effective, space efficient and quick way  to upsell into higher ticket totals and larger orders. The sleeves are not dependent on box design, and franchise owners can order as few as five of them on their own and expect them to arrive within a week. They serve as a vehicle to move Woops! macaron franchise offerings outside the physical franchise location, Avivi says.

“Marketing is something very important to a Woops! franchise owner, but he or she has limited time. So they have to pick and choose opportunities,” Avivi says. “Custom sleeves create a marketing opportunity with every order. They generate more revenue for the franchise owner, and they also help push the Woops! product line out into the larger community and generate positive buzz around the brand. We also have all-occasion sleeves, such as ones that display a birthday message, or thank you or congratulations. We also introduce special holiday sleeves for major holidays, which creates another way for franchise owners to capture more business.”

Want to open a Woops! boutique macaron kiosk in your city?

Since our founding in 2012, Woops! has grown to more than 43 locations across the country and is uniquely poised to grow in the $310 billion domestic baking industry. Woops! is rapidly expanding far beyond our proven success in the highly competitive New York City and Tri-State areas, and we’ve targeted 30 additional locations by the end of 2018.

Woops! is seeking savvy entrepreneurs and investors who are excited by the idea of bringing European-style treats and coffee to American consumers. While we don’t require baking experience, we do look for people with managerial experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. We want people who will follow the Woops! proven business model, who want to grow a team, who love people and want to support their communities while creating a great life for themselves and their families.

For in-depth details about the Woops! franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting the Woops! franchise research pages.

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