Woops! Explosive Online Gifting Growth Creates Opportunities for Franchise Owners


Promoting and generating sales in the virtual setting adds to the bottom line generated in physical kiosks and bakeshops for savvy franchise owners

Consumers love online shipping for the convenience it offers. That’s true whether they are buying for themselves or purchasing a gift for someone else, like many who visit Woops! macaron franchise’s online portals.

“Woops! has made a name for itself in the gifting space, whether through in-person visits to our bakeshops or kiosks or through online sales,” says Gil Kiryati, CEO. “Often a first-time visitor to a kiosk, for example, purchases a few macarons to enjoy and then afterward realizes what a great gift they would make. Then they visit the online portal and make additional purchases for friends, family and coworkers.”

Woops! Yellow Giftbox

Customizable options lead to frequent orders

Just as they can when making an in-person purchase, a Woops! macaron franchise customer can select from the entire range of macaron flavors online, as well as customize the gift-box packaging and even the macarons themselves. Then the purchaser chooses a shipping option and the sale is complete.

“One of Woops! biggest differentiators in the gifting space is our ability to really make every order personal,” Kiryati says. “There are ‘evergreen’ options such as for birthdays and anniversaries, but we can print just about anything on the sleeve that wraps around the gift box, as well as shorter message on the macarons themselves. It combines to deliver a delicious treat that also is unique and shows a lot of thought on the part of the gift giver.”

Franchises generate revenue from online sales

Online sales also generate income for franchise owners, because the online site directs purchasers to nearby Woops! macaron franchise kiosks or bakeshops as well. That way, online purchasers can make a local connection if they have not done so already, and then establish a relationship with their in-community Woops! franchise owner.

“The online portal and the physical Woops! locations each feed business to the other,” Kiryati explains. “When each is doing well, a steady stream of revenue is being generated alongside the growing awareness that a robust, successful online presence brings to the brand, and to all our franchise owners.”

Since our founding in 2012, Woops! has grown to more than 43 locations across the country and is uniquely poised to grow in the $310 billion domestic baking industry. Woops! is rapidly expanding far beyond our proven success in the highly competitive New York City and Tri-State areas, and we’ve targeted 30 additional locations by the end of 2018.

Woops! is seeking savvy entrepreneurs and investors who are excited by the idea of bringing European-style treats and coffee to American consumers. While we don’t require baking experience, we do look for people with managerial experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. We want people who will follow the Woops! proven business model, who want to grow a team, who love people and want to support their communities while creating a great life for themselves and their families.

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