Woops! Franchise Finds Success in America’s Malls


The premier macaron franchise is rapidly expanding into the nation’s hottest malls

Malls have become the crossroads of retail and social interaction; or as the Association of Consumer Research puts it, malls are the “new Main Streets of America.” Beyond the place for one-stop shopping, malls have become community centers, the perfect locations for growing, boutique-style businesses like the French macaron purveyor Woops!, the European answer to the cupcake phenomenon.Woops macaron mall kiosk bakery franchise

This classic French dessert, though popular in Europe for centuries, has become the “in” treat for Americans, and with less guilt than a typical cupcake, says Tal Avivi, co-founder of the Woops! franchise. Pastel- and jeweled-colored, these pastries that evoke sweet elegance and have become a mainstay at high-end weddings are a mere 100 calories, she says. It’s a confection trend that the grocery Whole Foods is riding. The upscale grocer recently reported a 40% increase in macaron sales.

“When you’re biting into a Woops! macaron, you’re tasting the most authentic French macaron that you will come across outside of Paris — a pastry that has been prepared for you by hand, in the traditional way, using natural and high-quality ingredients,” Tal says. “Woops! is delivering authentic European flavors but with an American sensibility, and that is why we are finding so much success.”

There couldn’t be a better time than now to deliver the French delicacy in malls and shopping centers. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) says the data shows that despite online sales, malls continue to thrive in communities across the U.S. and more importantly consumers are back with money to spend. This uptick in foot-traffic means the mall is a lucrative home for the Woops! franchise.

woops macaron bakery franchise mall kiosk

As evidence mounts that consumers are ready to treat themselves, there is a convergence of factors that makes the Woops! franchise a profitable opportunity. First, and foremost, is the product. The macarons are handmade and shipped from our artisanal bakery in New York City, which makes it easy to manage inventory and maintain quality, Tal says. It’s our attention to the product that makes each macaron purchase a special and flavorful experience for the consumer.

Then, there is the point of sale. Our elegantly-designed kiosks show off the pastries while conjuring the image of a fine French café and bakery. But the beauty of our kiosks is that they take relatively few people to operate, which means minimized labor costs. We have experienced great success at our kiosks in the malls of New York and the Tri-State area, Tal says. The businesses have proven that our model can earn a rapid return on investment.

“From an operational standpoint, the business is efficient to run and requires only a small staff,” says Gil Kiryati, co-CEO of Operations. “We worked hard to create a business model that would be as easy to manage for an entry-level franchisee as it would be for a franchisee with a ton of experience. But the truth is, our macarons sell themselves.”

Woops! macaron bakery franchiseLearn more about Woops! macaron and bakery franchise

Investments start at $59,800 for a macaron kiosk and $175,800 for an in-line bakeshop. Woops! offers investors a low initial investment with a high potential return: our in-line bakeshops generated average sales of $48,500 a month in 2014, and our average kiosk generated $256,000 in sales in the same year. For more information, call 866-339-7194.

For in-depth details about the Woops! franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting the Woops! franchise research pages.


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