Woops! Macaron Franchise Targets Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia


The premier macaron franchise seeks savvy entrepreneurs to open a luxury macaron kiosk in one of America’s hottest malls

Woops!, the nation’s premier macaron franchise, is rapidly expanding across the United States and is actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs to open a luxury macaron kiosk in the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia.

Woops! macaron franchise

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Founded in 2012 with the mission of spreading the joy of the French macaron across America, Woops! is rapidly emerging as the nation’s premier macaron franchise. By the beginning of 2017, Woops! will be the largest retail provider of macarons in the United States. Woops! has nearly 30 locations across the country, including a luxury macaron kiosk at The Mall in Columbia in Columbia, Maryland, which is just one hour’s drive north of Pentagon City Mall.

“It was very important to us as a franchisor to provide a business model that was simple-to-operate and profitable,” says Gal Danay, co-founder of Woops! “Once we established that our brand could thrive in New York City, we knew that Woops! would be successful anywhere in the country. This has proven to be true in all of the places where we’ve opened a new location. The result of our success has generated a ton of interest in our brand, and we now have a full pipeline of eager entrepreneurs who are ready to bring Woops! to their communities. In 2017, we expect to open 100 locations across the country.”

Why Pentagon City Mall? Why now?

The Pentagon City Mall is one of the hottest malls in America, serving the rapidly growing population of young families, young professionals and hipsters who live in the affluent Arlington area, which includes many of the urban neighborhoods surrounding Washington D.C., including Crystal City and Aurora Highlands. With macarons now a mainstay in America’s trendiest markets, the entrepreneur who brings Woops! macarons to Pentagon City Mall has a built-in consumer base who are already familiar with the iconic Parisian treat.

“We’ve tested our business model in several malls on the East Coast, and our success has fostered a deep relationship with mall developers who cannot wait for us to come to their malls,” Raj says. “Coming from a background that includes being a franchisee of an espresso bar franchise, I know how important it is to have a simplified business model that is easy to manage, is potentially profitable and is scalable. This is exactly what we have in the malls where we have macaron kiosks open. Not only do customers crave our delicious macarons, but these malls also have the foot traffic necessary to nurture a profitable business over the long-term.”

Woops! macaron kiosks are a perfect fit for a first-time entrepreneur

Woops! macaron kiosks are the ideal opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur who has always dreamed of owning a small business. With a low initial investment, Woops! macaron kiosks are easy to run and easy to scale, with minimal moving parts and a very small staff. The business already is a success in malls throughout the country, so Woops! macaron kiosks are the perfect entree into a new career as a small business owner.

Woops! macaron franchiseWoops! macaron kiosks are custom-designed to showcase the colorful beauty of our macarons. The success of the brand’s kiosks in the malls of the New York and the Tri-State area has proven that the model can earn a rapid return on investment. Woops! kiosks not only look beautiful, but they also come packed with practical features such as built-in refrigeration and a self-contained sink so owners can properly serve, store and manage inventory with ease. It typically takes only 20-30 minutes to prep a Woops! macaron kiosk for a day of business.

“It is a ridiculously simple business to operate,” says Thomas Scott, owner of a Woops! Macaron kiosk in Nashville, Tennessee. “I get to take all the credit for the really fun, curated food items without having to do any of the dirty work. The feedback from the mall, mall employees, customers and other business owners has been that we have — by far — the most beautiful looking business in the mall. The look and feel of the business is over the top, and it stops people in their tracks. A customer said visiting our kiosk was a little like going on a vacation, and she is right. We are selling an experience that people get when they travel, and our macarons really are as good as anything you can find in Paris.”

Woops! macaron franchise

Woops! macaron franchise expansion efforts are only beginning

Woops! is poised to capture a sizable share of the $310 billion American baking industry and rapidly expand across the country. Woops! is actively seeking savvy investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about spreading the joy of French macarons to their communities.

In addition to targeting Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia, Woops! is rapidly expanding into multiple new markets across the country. In September, Woops! opened locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, with Atlanta, Georgia, to follow in October. The premier macaron franchise has plans to expand into Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma and Colorado, as well as increase the brand’s footprint in New Jersey and New York City before the end of the year.

With the total costs for a luxury macaron kiosk ranging from $59,800 to $95,100, Woops! offers an extremely affordable business with a proven track record of strong returns; our average macaron kiosk has generated $252,000 in annual sales.

“What is very validating for us as a franchisor is that our franchisees are already signing on to open more stores with us,” Gal Danay, co-founder of Woops! says. “They have experienced how easy our business models are to scale and how successful a Woops! franchise location can be.”

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