Woops! Franchise Stands Out in The $310 Billion Baking Industry


Three reasons why Woops! is the premier macaron franchise as the brand rapidly expands across the country

Macaron WallIn an ever-shrinking world, Americans are searching for new culinary experiences and quality ethnic cuisine. Enter Woops!, the nation’s premier macaron franchise, offering a taste of France to customers in malls and bakeshops across the country.

Customers in search of quality baked goods — from artisanal breads to delectable desserts — have driven the American baking industry to a whopping $310 billion annually. As a purveyor of fine French macarons and other pastries since 2012, Woops! quickly established itself as a leader in the market, and today there are Woops! locations opening across the country.

For savvy entrepreneurs looking to break into this explosive market, Woops! is the premier macaron franchise. Here are three reasons why Woops! is a best-bet investment:

1.) Ethnic cuisine is more popular than ever

According to Food Republic, Americans are demonstrating a nearly insatiable demand for ethnic cuisine. From staples like Chinese and Mexican to more exotic blends from Spain and Greece, when it comes to what they eat, Americans are increasingly turning to foods that are decidedly not American.

In fact, Food Republic expects the market for ethnic cuisine to grow more than 20% from 2012 through 2017. Woops! is positioned in the middle of this growing market, offering not only French macarons but other high-demand French baked goods, as well.

“The world is becoming a far smaller place as a result of more people traveling and the access to social media,” says Tal Avivi, co-founder of Woops! “This has broadened the American palate in a fundamental way, and Woops! provides the opportunity for communities to indulge in the finest pastries, coffee and sandwiches from around the world — including American pastries that we have elevated to be as delicious as the other pastries we offer.”

Woops! Franchises also offer customers a sensational selection of hand-developed coffee blends, crafted to pair perfectly with the delicate flavors of our macarons. Favoring traditional Italian coffees, these blends are custom-roasted to heighten the macaron experience — unlike other coffees that overpower softer flavors with sour or super-strong palates.

2.) The Woops! simplified business model takes guesswork out of success

Woops FranchiseWorking with some of the greatest minds in franchise management, the Woops! team has developed a streamlined business operation that takes the guesswork out of achieving a lasting and scalable success.

“Before franchising, it was very important to us to prove the success of our business model. Coming from a background that includes being a franchisee for an espresso bar franchise, I know how important it is to have a simplified business model that is easy to manage and also profitable and scalable,” says Raj Bhatt, co-owner of Woops! “This is what we have developed with Woops!, and we are very excited to roll out our brand across America.”

With locations throughout the New York City and Tri-State area and more locations opening across the country, the Woops! business model is a proven entry point into the massive market for baked goods and ethnic cuisine.

3.) A macaron franchise with a low initial investment

Woops! franchisees choose from two models of the macaron franchise, making the macaron franchise a perfect choice for communities and shopping malls.

For those wanting to bring the experience of a French patisserie to their neighborhood, the in-line bakery and café model offers all the experience of Paris without the hassle of airports and TSA waiting lines. Startup costs for the in-line bakery begin at just $168,500, opening the door to average monthly sales exceeding $62,000.

For entrepreneurs who want to enter the market but don’t want to open a full-scale bakeshop, Woops! offers a kiosk model perfect for shopping malls across the country. With an initial investment beginning at just $52,000, Woops! kiosk owners average sales in excess of $252,000 a year.

Through either model, franchise owners establish themselves as a local leader in the baking industry, and those signature Woops! macarons and diverse menu of other baked goods drive sales and growth, making Woops! a potentially lucrative entrée to the $310 billion baked goods industry.

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