Meet Our Newest Franchisee: Sofia, the Driving Force Behind Woops! Cherry Hill

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A man stands at the counter at a Woops! kiosk, looking at the macarons on display.

Sofia brings enthusiasm to the world of macarons

In the heart of Cherry Hill, a sweet transformation is taking place as Woops! welcomes its newest franchisee, Sofia Santora. Armed with a degree in Business Administration and Management, Sofia brings enthusiasm to the world of macarons.

A Woops! Macarons & Gifts white kiosk with a big display of French macarons and macaron boxes.

A Leap into Entrepreneurship

Sofia’s journey is inspiring. Having spent over five years at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, she decided to pivot and venture into the world of business ownership. Sofia is new to owning a business, which is a testament to the accessibility and opportunity Woops! provides to passionate individuals.

This career transition is not just a move for Sofia; it’s a plunge into the entrepreneurial realm. Her fresh perspective mirrors the inclusive spirit of Woops!, emphasizing that everyone, regardless of prior experience, can find success within our top macaron franchise.

A woman behind a Woops! Macarons & Gifts kiosk counter is handing a macaron box to a woman who's made a purchase.

A Family-Oriented Trailblazer

Sofia’s story is one of passion, dedication, and family values. A Chestnut Hill College softball athlete, she not only excelled on the field but also honed her skills as a coach and personal trainer. She now resides in New Jersey with her husband Shane and their two daughters, Mya and Nevaeh.

Born in the vibrant neighborhood of South Philadelphia, Sofia’s journey now extends to Cherry Hill, a bustling community known for its diversity and lively atmosphere. Her decision to set up shop at the Cherry Hill Mall aligns with the strategic location choices that Woops! makes to become an integral part of communities nationwide.

A smiling woman is behind a Woops! Macarons & Gifts counter is giving a bag to another woman.

Woops!: A Top Macaron Franchise

What drew Sofia into the Woops! family? It was a combination of the brand’s unique concept, emphasis on community engagement, and the joy associated with crafting delightful moments. The lure of Woops! isn’t just about selling macarons; it’s about creating experiences, spreading happiness, and becoming an integral part of the communities it serves.

Cherry Hill Mall, with its bustling retail scene and diverse clientele, is the perfect place for Sofia to thrive with her Woops! business. This strategic location offers the community a taste of our top macaron franchise, where macarons and treats become more than just confections—they become sweet and cherished moments. 

Numerous Woops! Macaron boxes with different custom sleeves on top of a red background.

Corporate Gifting and Multiple Revenue Streams

Sofia’s journey with Woops! doesn’t just stop at the storefront. She also participates in Woops!’s foray into corporate gifting, tapping into the growing trend of businesses seeking unique gifts. With corporate gifting becoming a significant revenue stream, Woops! franchises like Sofia’s are well-positioned to cater to a diverse market. 

A smiling man with a red sweater is holding a purple Woops! macaron box in his hands.

Woops! Franchise Marketing Support

The Woops! training program, in partnership with ActionCoach, has equipped Sofia with the skills needed to navigate the world of delightful macarons and artisanal treats. This ensures that she can not only meet but exceed the expectations of her customers in Cherry Hill and beyond.

We always seek to arm our franchisees with all the franchise marketing support they might need to ensure a successful journey. It’s part of what makes us a top macaron franchise.

A table is full of macaron treats, including two macaron towers, plates of macarons, and a three-tier serving tray full of macarons. Woops! is a top macaron franchise.

As we welcome Sofia Santora to the Woops! family, we’re not just witnessing the opening of a new franchise. We’re embracing the beginning of a new journey filled with sweetness, community spirit, and the joy of crafting delightful moments.

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