New Woops! Location at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey

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A smiling man and a woman wearing Woops! aprons are surrounded by macarons, macaron boxes, a display case with macarons, and cookies.Become a Woops! franchisee and build a successful business

Woops! Macarons & Gifts, a premium French macaron franchise, has a new location at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey!

This is the fourth location in the New York metro area for owner Peter Chadnani. Peter has been with Woops! for almost nine years, which is a testament to his success with our franchise.

Our macaron business offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the retail and gifting industry. With 10 years of experience in the premium macaron and gifting market, we provide a proven franchise model with streamlined operations perfect for new business owners and those eager for expansion.

A Franchise Opportunity Built for Growth

Woops! franchisees have plenty of room for growth. Franchisees benefit from:

  • Being a part of the $242 billion corporate gifting industry.
  • A business model with low startup costs and high ROI.

A smiling woman is holding a white Woops! box of 9 French macarons.

Fundamentals of a Great Franchise Opportunity

1)   Support

Our team of experts helps new franchisees find the right locations and provides training and support for the life of your business, from initial training, helping open your first location, to marketing support and ongoing business coaching.

A black-haired man is holding assorted French macarons in his hands. He has a T-shirt that says “good things come to those who bake” on his back.

2) French Macarons Are Unique

As a business owner, it’s important to stand out. Woops! products are known for their quality and delicious taste — but many Americans are still discovering French macarons. All the ingredients we use for our macarons are premium, handpicked, and world-class: from the finest French Valrhona chocolate for our ganaches to our pure Anatolian and Sicilian pistachio butter, and authentic Italian Nutella. Curiosity will help earn the first taste; quality will keep customers hooked.

A Woops! box of French macarons is surrounded by plates full of French macarons and cups of champagne.

3)  A Polished Marketing Package

We’re also obsessed with design. We have the most gorgeous packaging in the macaron business. Our boxes are carefully designed to reflect the quality of the product that they contain. Our colorful treats, beautiful packaging, and jewel box kiosks are eye-catching — whether they are attracting customers on foot or online.

Several Woops! custom French macaron boxes

4)   Multiple Revenue Streams

Retail customers are a strong source of sales, but Woops! has also built a strong reputation for its expertise in corporate gifting. Our macarons are a popular choice for businesses looking to send corporate gifts to clients, employees, and partners. We offer customizable gift boxes and branding options to make sure our corporate clients can impress with high-quality and memorable gifts.

Want to know more about our B2B team and how corporate gifting works with Woops!? Meet Our B2B Team & Learn From Their Experiences.

A white Woops! Macarons & Gifting kiosk is full of macaron boxes and macaron pyramids.

If you are looking for a low-cost, high-reward business opportunity in the retail and gifting industry, then Woops! is a perfect choice. We’re welcoming new franchisees and rapidly expanding nationwide. Download our free franchise report now.

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